The role of the pharmacist with Adele Tahan

Podcast originally found on Google Podcasts – The Fanny Mechanic.


WE DIVE INTO the topic of what it’s like to be a pharmacist. WE GO DEEP with Sydney based pharmacist Adele Tahan. Adele OPENS UP the role of the pharmacist and shares tips for being the best pharmacist you can be.

She shares stories about how pharmacists help people, day in, day out.

We discuss, why it’s important to have a pharmacist you trust, just like having a GP you trust.

As doctors, having good working relationships with pharmacists is key to being able to look after our patients well. Their advice and expertise is invaluable. We probably don’t appreciate them as much as we should.

How can doctors and pharmacists best work together?

What does a compounding pharmacy actually do?

We discuss why fillers such as lactose are put in our medications. If you don’t tolerate a drug could it be the lactose in that medication or supplement?

How has COVID impacted your local pharmacy?

We also discuss Emergency contraception and drug scheduling.

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